UWF Football: No. 7 Argos cruise into playoffs with blowout road win over Mississippi College (2024)

UWF Football: No. 7 Argos cruise into playoffs with blowout road win over Mississippi College (1)

PeeWee Jarrett and the West Florida offense overwhelmedMississippi College, again.

After a 45-17homecoming clubbing of the Choctaws on Oct. 22, the Argos won by a larger margin the second time around. UWF captured a 56-21 victory on Saturday during a Gulf South Regional game from Robinson-Hale Stadium.

Jarrett followed his stellar play from last week with an even better game this week. He had 246 yards passing on just 11 attempts and with six total touchdowns (four passing, tworushing).

The game didn't count in the GSC standings, but it did give the Argos a chance to pick up a quality win and secure a NCAA Division II playoff berth.

"We challenged our guys to show up to play a good football game and they answered," UWF head coach Pete Shinnick said."Now, we go into the playoffs feeling pretty good about ourselves and will try to keep this thing rolling."

Improving its overall record to 9-1, West Floridafinished the regular season on a seven-game winning streak. Now, the teamwaits to see who it will play next weekat Pen Air Field.

The NCAA Division II Football Selection show is schedule for 4:30 p.m. CST Sunday. It will be streamed on NCAA.com.

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David Durden had another big game as well, finishingwith six catches for 173 yards and two touchdowns.

The Argos' offense set aschool record averaging 12.4 yardsper play in a single game. The teamalso scored on eight straight drives and didn't punt the ball until the fourth quarter.

UWFscored in every quarter, includinga 21-pointsecondto head into halftime witha 35-14 lead. WhileMississippi College (4-7) did rack up 283 yards on the ground, the host were held to just 75 through the air.

The Argos were without their third running backC.J. Wilson today due to a death in his family, but the visitors still had a productive rushing attack. They only had 23 attempts for 163 rushing yards.

UWF Football: No. 7 Argos cruise into playoffs with blowout road win over Mississippi College (2)

Reserves got some playingtimein the game's latestages. MichaelRich Jr. replaced Jarrett at quarterback, completing 4 of 5 passes for 80 yards and a touchdown. Redshirt sophom*ore Seth Johnson capped UWF's scoring with a 6-yard run in the fourth.

Here's are a few takeaways from Saturday's win.

Passing offense is on fire

UWF Football: No. 7 Argos cruise into playoffs with blowout road win over Mississippi College (3)

The Argos' passing game has ramped it up.

That is in large part due to Jarrett's elevated play. He has accounted for 10 total touchdowns over the last two games and has thrown for at least 200 yards in back-to-back games. His play is just what the Argos' needed as their rushing attack cooled down the last twogames of the season.

"Everything clicked for us and they tried to do some things different than last time, which we predicted would happen. PeeWee picked up where he left off last week and our offense looked great today,"Shinnick said.

Shinnick's success

West Florida's early-season triumph over Mississippi Collegewas Shinnick's 50th victorywith the Argos.

The team's latest win over the Choctawssealed the program's fourth NCAA Tournament berth insix years. That stretch includestwo National Championship game trips, winning it once in 2019.

This is the fourth time Shinnickhas guided UWF to anine-win season.

"We had a vision of wanting to be competitive and wanted to get in the playoffs. We talked about all those things in year two (2017)," hesaid. "But what we really wanted to do was become one of the best teams in this area. Super Region II is very competitive and someone has gone to the National Championship the last five years, including ustwice."

He has also surpassed 150 wins in his head coaching career. His success in such a short time has been remarkable to watch. University of West Florida football program right up there with the top collegeprograms in the state of Florida and the country.

Durden's dominance

David Durden was First Team All-GSCand a Don Hansen All-America Honorable Mention in 2021, but somehow has flown under the radar in 2022.

It took some time for him and Jarrett to develop their chemistry. Now, theirconnection is stronger than ever. Durden leads the team with861 receiving yardswithnine touchdowns. He now has back-to-back seasons with at least 750 yards receiving and nine receiving touchdowns.

He also has 264 punt return yards and a touchdown. Durden leads the GSC in receiving yards, yards per game, receiving touchdowns, and is second in yards per catch.

He is alock for another All-GSC First Team selection and should be a heavy favorite for GSC Player of the Year and Offensive Player of the Year.

Greg Hollis is a sports reporter for the Pensacola News Journal. He can be reached at ghollis@gannett.com.

UWF Football: No. 7 Argos cruise into playoffs with blowout road win over Mississippi College (2024)
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